Tec ideas to teach

Ok so I have survived the first day of teaching for semester one 2016.

History of events. Met up with Thom (with a H) on Tuesday and he provided some gentle encouragement in the world of Tec teaching (patent pending). So day one with a new class and in addition to the usual last minute panic to get my ducks in order I decided to try and  implement  one or two interactive ideas. Idea one arose from the vine app six second video concept. The app itself is pretty straight forward but I had concerns that the use of mobile technology might either put some of our more mature students off or was perhaps too limited for what I wanted to do. With this in mind I went to the trusty You tube. I gave out an instruction sheet (yes it was in paper form but I’m thinking small steps). Within the sheet I provided a link to a “how to” website and requested that each student provide me with an explanation of a technically relevant word. Examples ranged from ‘anal sphincter’ to ‘polyhydraminoes’. I pitched the idea that perhaps we needed to diversify the very theory based lecture and that the potential monotony of listening to me for eight hours would/could be an issue.  I then showed them a short example video that I made with my colleague, Stu Cook. Similar to the video example the student video will be hyperlinked to the slides and each student will discuss their point of interest.

So to my disbelief they fell for it….I mean went for it. They seemed keen and dare I say it enthusiastic. I even had one student smile with delight as he picked up the anal sphincter card? Although I do think he may of given it to a second student.
The enthusiasm was starting to rub off and I thought I would grab the moment and offer a second Tec teach. I asked the class if they would like to be involved in a Twitter group and we could use this as a forum for the discussion of ideas, suggestions and feedback. Silence! As I watched the tumbleweeds roll by I thought- perhaps not. I smiled to myself and thought……..small steps.

As I write this, and only two hours since the tutorial finished I am pleased to say that I have already received two emails containing video. So I will keep my fingers crossed and keep moving forward. Day one over.



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