Twiddling with twitter

My first foray into the world of twitter. I have to be honest and say that I was never impressed nor interested in twitter. I thought perhaps that this was for the ‘young ones’ who didn’t have much to say, so could say it with a limited amount of text. So as with my previous efforts I have been given a gentle word by Thom (with a H), and I opened up my twitter account.

For the first few days I looked at my phone and nothing really happened? I was then told that I need to be more active and start looking for connections, interests and comment. I linked into a colleague and then there seemed to be an explosion of ‘tweets’ (As you can see I even picked up some of the lingo), I had tweets from my friends, colleagues and from people I had never even heard of. At first I was slightly excited by my new found fame and I opened up every tweet and read all the details and followed the links and looked at profiles and pressed the little heart button ( which I hope is a “like” not a “love”). It was very interesting.

That is until, the tweets started coming in thick and fast and every time I looked at my phone I had a ‘backlog’ of tweets to get through. My excitement had turned into a chore. My phone would make its little ‘tweet’ sound several times per hour and would announce its presence at 3.00am, 4.00am, 5.00am and all to my wife’s annoyance. I therefore had to take action to muffle this tweet business but I couldn’t let Thom down! I figured out a way to turn off the noise, then I found that instead of looking like one of the young one’s looking at my phone every five minutes, opening up content and spending far too much of my waking hours phone watching, I decided for reasons of sanity to perform a quick-look-delete routine. This in itself seemed to work well for me but I then started to question the relevance of twitter as the content and true context was being lost! And this is where I stayed……..until…….

Until, my colleague and I (Stu Cookie, by the way) started talking about the pharmacological benefit of Ketamine for management of Post-cardiac care. Our discussion hit a wall with regards its use and it was at this point that Stu mentioned he was linked to a leading expert in the USA? A minute later he had sent a tweet to this guy and three minutes later we had a raft of replies and the answer to our query. We had jumped the wall!! I have to admit that I was very impressed by the power of this tool. We had a world expert on the subject matter answer our questions quicker than I could ever open a book, let alone research the literature. Impressive! impressed!

So where to now? I guess I have to be pragmatic, thoughtful and understanding of this juvenile delinquent called twitter. I must keep an eye on it, try not to expect I can control it and importantly, try my best to direct its energy.




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