its all in the image



Okay, so it may say that it’s all in the image but I have to accept that strictly speaking there is no image. My first foray into trying to develop an ORCID based QR-code. I wouldn’t say it’s a disaster but it does not have the impact that I wanted. I guess Thom with a (H) wont be overly impressed but at least I gave it a go!

So to impress Thom, I would like to announce the world’s first tactile image link. To develop a ‘feel’ for this image you will have to simply move your curser over the link and stroke the enter button. My colleagues tell me that the porn industry is often at the cutting edge of technology (thanks Dave & Cookie), so I may try to sell this idea to them for a hefty fee.

I’m thinking of calling it the Tactile Innovation Touch.

Stephen (hefner) Aiello.



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