Is a cool uniform enough?


Believe it or not this is the future of AUT interdisciplinary healthcare.  Don’t let the scrawl confuse you, this little idea has legs…….and arms……..and toes.

So the idea originates from the fact that we currently have hundreds of healthcare students taking core papers within the University, and whilst there are many reasons why a student will choose a particular discipline, there are perhaps many reasons why they do not know why they have chosen a discipline. By way of an example, a prospective undergraduate candidate was asked why he would like to be a Paramedic? he answered “because it looks cool on the TV and I like the uniform”.

So aside from those that are clearly misguided, ultimately, we do not know what we do not know. So for this reason Stu Cookie and myself are currently discussing an idea that may be helpful to our undergraduate students who take core papers.

The AUT Health school core hub: A centralised site where each department can showcase their activities, skills and culture.  Not only a place to like/dislike uniforms but a place to see what each discipline does and to reflect on career choice and ultimately to provide an answer to the question of what does a “……………..” really do!

The plan is to have links to alumni, Lecturer blogs, skill station videos, conference updates, 360-degree video footage and the ability to view a more authentic program overview.

So if you don’t know what you don’t know then have a look at the hub!


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